Getting to Know Others (Importance Of Communication)

How are you going to know a person, if you’re not do communicating?

All of us had a friends and we get them because we do communicate with them.Communication is the most important thing to all.If it does’nt exist,do you think we know everything about your friends,special someone and even our family?not right?

In communicating, we can express our feelings,ideas and we can share everything to someone.In our everyday life, how many times we do communicate? It is very important right?

Even in our first birth we already communicating by just simply crying, we create noise that also create words though it can’t understand by an ear, it can be determine by gestures and words that created by that sound.As time goes by, we are growing and found different friends. To find and know them better, we must communicate. In my age now, I already had many friends because I do communicate with them and still a good communicator to them.

If we want to know others, then , lets ask them, let’s start knowing them by communicating and by a good communicator to all. But communicating will not always had a good part because there’s a person who used it without thinking what their saying.So other said that it’s better to keep silent than to talk much or saying any other words to someone.In order for us to have good contact to everyone, let’s think first the words coming out to our mouth and we must know how to say the words without offending someone.

Love comes not just because they just see each other once, of course they  tried to know everything about them. In family, your will never knew how kind of family you had if your not going to communicate with them even without words, through gestures you will know who they are.But the most important is, knowing God by communicating with him.

Here in Philippines there are different dialect, like Ilocano,Cebuano,Bicolano, etc. and yet we understand each other and we have unity. It is because we had general language and we do communicate to each other.

Imagine the world without communication? Do you think we can solve problems? Do you think we will know others? Do you think we can discover? Do you think we can share and express our feelings and told someone that we are happy ,angry and sad? NO ! Life was nothing if there’s no communication.


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