Mass Media

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“The Champion of the people and  conscience of the Government”.Do you know them ?They are the mass media.The are the one who transmitted and updated us by the different issues and trending event in a society.

Being part of it was not easy as what other know and say.The responsibility of finding information about the certain issue  was in their possession and they need to search the true happenings.They need to disseminate the information to mass very detailed to avoid conflict.

Mass media serves as the “fourth state” in government, why? In the article I’ve read said that they are the “fourth state” because of being independent to all things politically, financially and the other centers of power,That’s really because if all mass media would be dependent, the mass will not sure if the mass media are telling the truth that makes the public conscious.But not all mass media are free to show the truth like in the other country.

MASS MEDIA , MASS MEDIA… they can make one personality as shine as the star.How? Exaggerated to described but that’s true.They can make a personality famous by introducing him on the public like an invention that makes people amazed.Invention? Why invention? It is because they invented that person on what the mass desire.By them,we know the new invention on the showbiz world

They are like a bee…. They go where the honey is.What I wanted to say by that? The mass media go on what was they really concerned and they shared it to the mass.

It is true that being part of mass media was so dangerous.There’s a lot of big personalities who had an issued, and they did’nt the mass to know it.But because there’s a mass media, it was spread on the public so the personalities push to forcely close the mouth of the media by threaten or worst killed them.

In Maguindanao Massacre, there’s a lot of media people who were killed.It was so miserable and it makes people think what was really the reason behind that.In that happening  many people show their sympathy ,media people show their empathy but despite of it there’s still a mass media who still dissiminating  information to us.

Without mass media we are nothing but ignorant and still living in an unchanging world, there would be no modernization happened.


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