Television Shows

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There’s a lot of television shows in the Philippines.Some shows were comedy,drama,horror,fantasy etc.All of this can catch the attention of the viewers especially when the viewers can do relate on the ongoing show. But not all shows are good for the youth because there’s still a shows that we called tabloid-broadcast journalism that according on the article I’ve  read is a programs that apply the “success formula” of tabloids—crime,sex and gossip broadcasting.That was not good for the child and youth  because they saw sex and violence that can maybe plant on their mind until they grow and have a knowledge abut that.

A study conducted by the Asian Mass Communications Research Center(AMIC) based in Singapore reported that the Philippines has the most violent television shows among ASEAN countries.This research was alarming from parents because though there’s a MTRCB who remind that the next show is good or not for a child and youth, watching television of a youth was not really 24 hours guarded by their guardian. So by that here’s a big possibilities that through watching television,big percent of youth people can affect their minds that can cause crimes and destruction of their life in a way that they applied what the saw or watch on the television in their life because they are curious.We all know that in teenage life, curiosity was very present in that time.

Television shows was good for mass if they used it in a good way,if they brought the viewers in a good world.Television is one of the way on transmitting and disseminating the trending events in the world,without it,what do you think we are?

Though it has a bad side,it it very useful that we had television and it is better if there’s a television shows that can entertained us when we are tired,inspired us when we want o give up and make us cried when we are emotional.


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