About Me (The Real Me)

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I want you to come in my world and let you know me better.

By the way I’m Elaine Altar and I’m turning 18 this coming November. I’m just a simple girl as I look at myself.Many say that I look like unaffable but this is absurd and I just laughed everytime they told me that.

I want everyone in my surrounding to smile, I hate seeing someone crying and so serious that it feels like they carried the whole world.I didn’t say that I don’t have burden but everytime I saw people laughing and smiling it makes me feel good.

I had a manner that some hates most and likes, and this is being naughty.It is my hobby to ask someone about a thing again and again though I’ve already know the answer to what I’m asking.

Not all people like me, I’m not a perfect person and I can commit mistakes, in my life I had committed a lot of mistakes but it serves as a guide to me to be a better person but I don’t need to changed myself to be like by others, except if someone told me I’m doing wrong.I just want to be happy for being me, and as they say when it comes to being happy there’s no right or wrong, its just a battle between your happiness and their judgement.But despite of being happy, behind my smile, there’s a tear hidden and trying not to come out but there are circumstances that it needs to out to avoid feel the hurt it brought and I’m thanking God for giving me friends to cover that.

So that’s me ! I hope you’ve noted all the things about me!

And don’t forget to smile to stay young and pretty like me, just kidding.But if you take it seriously ,much better. :))


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