As our eyes were opened in this world, we encountered different people, we became a friend of a distinct person, we experienced to be loved by someone,but no one can bring a love than a Mother can give.

The first word we learned to say is “mama”, and until we became youth,an adult and became a marriage person we still called our mother to ask for help in our circumstances.We feel the burden in our shoulder, we feel our world will going to melt but our mother never leave us instead encouraging us to trust God to not stop the race and reach the finish line we are reaching.

She taught us when to fight and to surrender.Fight for something we want to have and surrender for all the things that needs to hold down to win the fight.A mother want us to pass by on the street where we will experience to hurt but not to bring pain, not to lose hope but to learned to stand alone and continued what we have started.

There are times that a mother dictates us what we must to do and it makes you mad right? I experience that too but as time goes by, I slowly realized why she keep on do that ,why she keep on saying that, and it is because of her unconditional love.I only realized that she really care for me when she was far, and it’s so hard to live without a mother.You don’t know what to do with those unexpected events that will come, you don’t know who will ask for something you know only her can tell the answer.It’s really hard for me without her.So as long as you have your mother, let her appreciate you love, let her feel she’s the best among the rest.Don’t be ashamed on saying “I love you Mom”.


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