“A between Gender”

             Social convention says there are two types of people: male and female. And you know who’s who based on their genitalia. But in fact, various cultures have long recognized members who buck the biological binary. The ancients wrote of people who were neither men nor women; individuals have been swapping genders for centuries; and intellectuals have fiercely debated the connection between the body and the self.Today, there are many populations with alternative identities, such as hijras in South Asia, kathoeysin Thailand, and muxes in Mexico. Yet these groups haven’t had it easy, often facing discrimination and violence. Only recently has the fight for legal recognition — and respect — of “third gender” begun to bear fruit, thanks to pioneering activists and policymakers. The world, it seems, is slowly embracing an adage once restricted to liberal universities: Gender is a construct, and people should be able to define it for themselves.– BY JAKE SCOBEY

             God created everything, so if we believe in God we must do the same to all he created.

In this society, third person are everywhere, their population are grower. They are a combination of a man and a woman and not all of them are accepted. Their world was so crowded, they were teased because of their personalities and hate because of their characteristic.

                Discrimination! This is what they are facing on, this is a slowly killer of their character that tends to changes of their wholeness. They are insulted by those people who hate them, and suffering a lot of prosecution received by different people. We don’t need to get angry and mad to them, I cannot see any reason to avoid and discriminate them. If they done a mistake, always remember that no one living in this world is perfect.

                We are both people, we experience to have pain and it’s really hurt. Imagine how does a gay or a lesbian keep the grudge they feel every time there  are someone who grieve them. In our time, there’s a lot of news stating the different cases of crime which involves gays and lesbian. There’s no justice present on killing people with that such reason .They deserve  to be treated like anybody else because they live in this world as you live here. We both use our life for something, we keep on fighting  though its hard just to achieve our goals. Don’t be a reason to destroy one’s life just because you can’t accept them for who they are. We have heart, use this, open this, and let them come into you and accept them for who they are so nobody will hurt.

                For those who belong to third sex: don’t lose hope, if you feel your world are getting smaller, just always think that there’s someone who with you that is bigger than your world. Don’t get affected of what they say, of what you hear that slice your feelings, never depend your life to them. Never get hurt, never revenge instead love them so they will see how good you are behind what they see outside.

                We are all man, we must treat others the way we treat ourselves. Though they are gay or lesbian, don’t look on what you see in your eyes, look inside  because you can’t judge on just what you have seen but of what your heart feels.

                Let’s appreciate their existence, they didn’t exist on nothing but they have a mission to be accomplished and we must be a tool for them to be successful. Don’t discriminate any person because we’re both people, we two have rights and we must respect it.


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