A Family

            A family who is united will never be destroy whatever happens.In my life I experienced to have a family   that I can lean on but I just wake up one morning that I’m walking on the street alone.With just a simple click everything has change, every moments we spent together became a broken glass that whatever you do to formed it again is useless.It’s still a glass but we can never use it and when we keep on forming it again, we will just get hurt.

A family who is the foundation of our life, our completeness, they are our weakness and strength, what if one day you just wake up  without them? A foundation who makes you strong and the reason why you still in your position.It’s really hard if we lost them, it just like a wound that cannot healed, a virus that spread in your body and can cause of your death.I never think that time will come that I will lost them and will live without them.

And then I realized that will only appreciate their existence until the gone.I never give them importance, I never give them love, I never make them laughed and now here I am, asking for a chance because I want them back to create another memories and I will let them feel how much ?I love them.Now I realized how important they are and I want to back to the past to experience again the happiness they brought in  my life.

You don’t choose your family, they are God’s gift to you as you are them -Desmund Tutu .Even what kind of family we have now, be thankful because are a gift from God and must be treasure.They are a bridge to our future, they lead us in a way where we find success, so as long as we have an opportunity , don’t waste it, use it to have a perfect family.

Nowadays, there’s a lots of victims of broken family which cause by a rebellion of the teenager who are victim of it.If you belong to a broken family don’t let them be the reason to change into demons, don’t do evil works, it is only challenge to us and we need to survive to have a better one.


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