Amazing Race

                        January 29, 2015, an unforgettable event happened in La Verdad Christian College.A christian living month was held, participation of students are present, everyone give their best on different  race.For me this is really an event that will never be forgotten.With this I realized everything, I realized learned something.I really appreciate too those people who prepared this event , that with the hel help of God they overcome this unforgetteble activity though they’ve encountered difficulties, but it’s just a little bit problem.

This activity inspired everyone and it prove us that not all race are competion, it is not rating who is the highest and who is lowest ; it is  a race , yes, but all you can do is to finish it despite of different excuses.In this activity unity is really need to reach the finish line and to overcome those struggles that come.Though we are in different section, in different year level, I saw how they cheered every group who performed on stage, and it really touch my heart.

I hope in differnt upcoming activities, we will see again ourselves as united and who cheers everyone that gives confidence to all. It’s really an amazing race that everyone must be experience.Thanks be to God for having the oppurtunity to have this kind of activity that inspired us.


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