What is web 2.0 and what is web 3.0? Is there a big differences or similarities between them? Have you heard that two web? I know you want to know what it i, so let’s not waste time and without further do I will introduce to you Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and be amazed on knowing this two.

Web 2.0 is previously as synonym for semantic web; but as what I’ve read on an article about it, while this two are similar, they do not show precisely the same meaning.Webopeddia state that 2.0 is the term given to describe a second generation of the world wide web that is focused on the abilitty for people to collaborate and share information online and is basicallly refers to the tansition from statc HTML web pages to a more dynamic web that is more organized and is based on serving web applications to users.

       In web 2.0 the owner of the site are the one who visit the site produce content because they are sharing information.It just like relation or communication in people if you and a person sharing something or you hared informarion to each other and you produce a thing that cause to have a deep relationship between you just like in web 2.0, there’s a content form when the site of the owner and the site visitor shaared information and produces a content. There’s a lot of example of web 2.0: web planning, word processing, newsfeed, online radio, video hostingand many more where people can access software right through web browser.

        Web 3.0 is really different from Web 2.0, In web 3.0 the machine is the one who produces content and it is meaningful web. It just like a mother, all you need was known by her, he can supply everything you want just say it. Anything you want to have, everything that you want to know was never refuse to give, all the things will not be prohibited.Web 3.0 is also like a personal assistant, you can ask everything and it will be given to you.All you need to do is to give the detail that you want and all the choices or all the answer will appear and now, you can choose the best of all you are searching for.It so amazing right, Web 3.0 was really different at all.The best example of it is youtube.

        I’m so glad that these two were invented and introduce that make our life become better and easier.


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