Worth it !

MWWC 15 - Success

Knowing something about computer was a big privilege and this is what our professor was contributed to us.We are in modern world, everywhere you go, whatever you do, the technology was surrounded you. I was so grateful because I learned a lot when talks about computer, all the things that I never known before about creating website, the things to consider in creating it, the codes, protocol etc.

Being a Mass Communication Technology student, it was our part to know all about it and it’s my pleasure o met our professor who taught us everything.During computer subject, I feel so sleepy but the other side of my mind told me to wake up because I need to absorb all the information given by our professor that will also help us on knowing everything about what he is talking.

The information was overloaded if you will listen but it is a must for us to learned.For almost four months of sharing information about computer, I want to give thanks first to God for using someone to share some knowledge and wisdom that will help us to had progress on our course we take. The last topic we tackled was all about creating website, it gives me headache, it makes me annoyed because of so many codes, steps and things to considered to successfully make it.At first I thought I can make it for a short period of time but I was wrong, it was totally opposite of what I’m thinking.

Eventhough I experience difficulties in this subject, worth it!


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