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Worth it !

MWWC 15 - Success

Knowing something about computer was a big privilege and this is what our professor was contributed to us.We are in modern world, everywhere you go, whatever you do, the technology was surrounded you. I was so grateful because I learned a lot when talks about computer, all the things that I never known before about creating website, the things to consider in creating it, the codes, protocol etc.

Being a Mass Communication Technology student, it was our part to know all about it and it’s my pleasure o met our professor who taught us everything.During computer subject, I feel so sleepy but the other side of my mind told me to wake up because I need to absorb all the information given by our professor that will also help us on knowing everything about what he is talking.

The information was overloaded if you will listen but it is a must for us to learned.For almost four months of sharing information about computer, I want to give thanks first to God for using someone to share some knowledge and wisdom that will help us to had progress on our course we take. The last topic we tackled was all about creating website, it gives me headache, it makes me annoyed because of so many codes, steps and things to considered to successfully make it.At first I thought I can make it for a short period of time but I was wrong, it was totally opposite of what I’m thinking.

Eventhough I experience difficulties in this subject, worth it!



What is web 2.0 and what is web 3.0? Is there a big differences or similarities between them? Have you heard that two web? I know you want to know what it i, so let’s not waste time and without further do I will introduce to you Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and be amazed on knowing this two.

Web 2.0 is previously as synonym for semantic web; but as what I’ve read on an article about it, while this two are similar, they do not show precisely the same meaning.Webopeddia state that 2.0 is the term given to describe a second generation of the world wide web that is focused on the abilitty for people to collaborate and share information online and is basicallly refers to the tansition from statc HTML web pages to a more dynamic web that is more organized and is based on serving web applications to users.

       In web 2.0 the owner of the site are the one who visit the site produce content because they are sharing information.It just like relation or communication in people if you and a person sharing something or you hared informarion to each other and you produce a thing that cause to have a deep relationship between you just like in web 2.0, there’s a content form when the site of the owner and the site visitor shaared information and produces a content. There’s a lot of example of web 2.0: web planning, word processing, newsfeed, online radio, video hostingand many more where people can access software right through web browser.

        Web 3.0 is really different from Web 2.0, In web 3.0 the machine is the one who produces content and it is meaningful web. It just like a mother, all you need was known by her, he can supply everything you want just say it. Anything you want to have, everything that you want to know was never refuse to give, all the things will not be prohibited.Web 3.0 is also like a personal assistant, you can ask everything and it will be given to you.All you need to do is to give the detail that you want and all the choices or all the answer will appear and now, you can choose the best of all you are searching for.It so amazing right, Web 3.0 was really different at all.The best example of it is youtube.

        I’m so glad that these two were invented and introduce that make our life become better and easier.

Amazing Race

                        January 29, 2015, an unforgettable event happened in La Verdad Christian College.A christian living month was held, participation of students are present, everyone give their best on different  race.For me this is really an event that will never be forgotten.With this I realized everything, I realized learned something.I really appreciate too those people who prepared this event , that with the hel help of God they overcome this unforgetteble activity though they’ve encountered difficulties, but it’s just a little bit problem.

This activity inspired everyone and it prove us that not all race are competion, it is not rating who is the highest and who is lowest ; it is  a race , yes, but all you can do is to finish it despite of different excuses.In this activity unity is really need to reach the finish line and to overcome those struggles that come.Though we are in different section, in different year level, I saw how they cheered every group who performed on stage, and it really touch my heart.

I hope in differnt upcoming activities, we will see again ourselves as united and who cheers everyone that gives confidence to all. It’s really an amazing race that everyone must be experience.Thanks be to God for having the oppurtunity to have this kind of activity that inspired us.

A Family

            A family who is united will never be destroy whatever happens.In my life I experienced to have a family   that I can lean on but I just wake up one morning that I’m walking on the street alone.With just a simple click everything has change, every moments we spent together became a broken glass that whatever you do to formed it again is useless.It’s still a glass but we can never use it and when we keep on forming it again, we will just get hurt.

A family who is the foundation of our life, our completeness, they are our weakness and strength, what if one day you just wake up  without them? A foundation who makes you strong and the reason why you still in your position.It’s really hard if we lost them, it just like a wound that cannot healed, a virus that spread in your body and can cause of your death.I never think that time will come that I will lost them and will live without them.

And then I realized that will only appreciate their existence until the gone.I never give them importance, I never give them love, I never make them laughed and now here I am, asking for a chance because I want them back to create another memories and I will let them feel how much ?I love them.Now I realized how important they are and I want to back to the past to experience again the happiness they brought in  my life.

You don’t choose your family, they are God’s gift to you as you are them -Desmund Tutu .Even what kind of family we have now, be thankful because are a gift from God and must be treasure.They are a bridge to our future, they lead us in a way where we find success, so as long as we have an opportunity , don’t waste it, use it to have a perfect family.

Nowadays, there’s a lots of victims of broken family which cause by a rebellion of the teenager who are victim of it.If you belong to a broken family don’t let them be the reason to change into demons, don’t do evil works, it is only challenge to us and we need to survive to have a better one.

“A between Gender”

             Social convention says there are two types of people: male and female. And you know who’s who based on their genitalia. But in fact, various cultures have long recognized members who buck the biological binary. The ancients wrote of people who were neither men nor women; individuals have been swapping genders for centuries; and intellectuals have fiercely debated the connection between the body and the self.Today, there are many populations with alternative identities, such as hijras in South Asia, kathoeysin Thailand, and muxes in Mexico. Yet these groups haven’t had it easy, often facing discrimination and violence. Only recently has the fight for legal recognition — and respect — of “third gender” begun to bear fruit, thanks to pioneering activists and policymakers. The world, it seems, is slowly embracing an adage once restricted to liberal universities: Gender is a construct, and people should be able to define it for themselves.– BY JAKE SCOBEY

             God created everything, so if we believe in God we must do the same to all he created.

In this society, third person are everywhere, their population are grower. They are a combination of a man and a woman and not all of them are accepted. Their world was so crowded, they were teased because of their personalities and hate because of their characteristic.

                Discrimination! This is what they are facing on, this is a slowly killer of their character that tends to changes of their wholeness. They are insulted by those people who hate them, and suffering a lot of prosecution received by different people. We don’t need to get angry and mad to them, I cannot see any reason to avoid and discriminate them. If they done a mistake, always remember that no one living in this world is perfect.

                We are both people, we experience to have pain and it’s really hurt. Imagine how does a gay or a lesbian keep the grudge they feel every time there  are someone who grieve them. In our time, there’s a lot of news stating the different cases of crime which involves gays and lesbian. There’s no justice present on killing people with that such reason .They deserve  to be treated like anybody else because they live in this world as you live here. We both use our life for something, we keep on fighting  though its hard just to achieve our goals. Don’t be a reason to destroy one’s life just because you can’t accept them for who they are. We have heart, use this, open this, and let them come into you and accept them for who they are so nobody will hurt.

                For those who belong to third sex: don’t lose hope, if you feel your world are getting smaller, just always think that there’s someone who with you that is bigger than your world. Don’t get affected of what they say, of what you hear that slice your feelings, never depend your life to them. Never get hurt, never revenge instead love them so they will see how good you are behind what they see outside.

                We are all man, we must treat others the way we treat ourselves. Though they are gay or lesbian, don’t look on what you see in your eyes, look inside  because you can’t judge on just what you have seen but of what your heart feels.

                Let’s appreciate their existence, they didn’t exist on nothing but they have a mission to be accomplished and we must be a tool for them to be successful. Don’t discriminate any person because we’re both people, we two have rights and we must respect it.


As our eyes were opened in this world, we encountered different people, we became a friend of a distinct person, we experienced to be loved by someone,but no one can bring a love than a Mother can give.

The first word we learned to say is “mama”, and until we became youth,an adult and became a marriage person we still called our mother to ask for help in our circumstances.We feel the burden in our shoulder, we feel our world will going to melt but our mother never leave us instead encouraging us to trust God to not stop the race and reach the finish line we are reaching.

She taught us when to fight and to surrender.Fight for something we want to have and surrender for all the things that needs to hold down to win the fight.A mother want us to pass by on the street where we will experience to hurt but not to bring pain, not to lose hope but to learned to stand alone and continued what we have started.

There are times that a mother dictates us what we must to do and it makes you mad right? I experience that too but as time goes by, I slowly realized why she keep on do that ,why she keep on saying that, and it is because of her unconditional love.I only realized that she really care for me when she was far, and it’s so hard to live without a mother.You don’t know what to do with those unexpected events that will come, you don’t know who will ask for something you know only her can tell the answer.It’s really hard for me without her.So as long as you have your mother, let her appreciate you love, let her feel she’s the best among the rest.Don’t be ashamed on saying “I love you Mom”.

“The Paint Of Life”


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As we walk on the path of our life, we will reach the street where we will find a different friend.Charles R. Swindoll once said “I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.

A true friend is someone who will wipe our tears in times of difficulties, someone who will make you laugh to throw away your problems and a friend as I read in a quotation show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness. They are a Paint painted by God in our life.


Some paint is painted to make you smile,amazed,inspired and some makes you disappointed, mad,confused but some are abstract, you will find out why to clear to you what does it  mean behind.A true friendship will build if a paint will show you it’s existence and tells you how important it is.But fake paint is not a loss because you cannot see the reality behind it.How wonderful a world is if somebody will join your journey- A true friend will.


In every paint show importance to it,have love to it and find whats behind that paint to know how you will judge it.And never compared a paint to another one because every paint  has it own characteristic , has its own features and  has a big difference to what you are comparing for .A paint of life is a friend that no one can judge only the person who knows it behind and recognized not only on what he see but the way he look deeper and better on it. Be a paint of someone’s life,a paint that will complete them , will make them different to other,a paint that cost nothing but can do everything.