GIFT (life)

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  Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated- Confucius.

We walk, we run. Walk for something, run for everything.We laugh,we cry. We smile to move on and cry when we cant go on. But despite all of this we keep on saying we never give up.Once, in my life I experience to wait for nothing and makes me feel a useless thing, but someone makes me realized I am everything and can finish the line I’m running – he is God. “The most important thing is to enjoy your life to be happy – its all that matter” said Audrey Hepburn.

We need to remember that we do not carry all the burden in this world, be happy on living while doing good things.But don’t keep on looking back , don’t think of tommorow, no one knows that instead, focus on what Is happening now : your present life.Enjoy every moments, spent and treasure every single minute.Accept all the facts you are encountered.Though sometimes truth kill us because of the pain it brought to us and all we can do is to received all of that. I have read a qoutation saying that LIFE is a dream for the wise, game for the foul, a comedy for the rich, and tragedy for the poor.

Life is gift of God to every man and to everything he created, whatever who we are in this world we must thank him for giving this special gift that no one can give.Who we are in this world is not a big deal, as long as we do things right , and we put God in our heart ,we can drive our life in a way how God wrote are destination. But as you drive your life ,What did you do to others ?Making them mad bacause of mistakes you have commited or putting a smiles in their lips in every seconds of their life? In everything you do,always do the latter because In this world someone will make you mad,cry but don’t get affected instead Inspired someone for all of your works.

As we go along, as we reach the end always remember that once in your life you became a child and dream to be like who you are now and be thankful for the gift given to us –a Life. Don’t waste it, dont destroy it, don’t try to change it into a fool one.Use it as better as we can so we can go to the finish line despite of all the struggles, of all the obstacle we pass by.


About Me (The Real Me)

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I want you to come in my world and let you know me better.

By the way I’m Elaine Altar and I’m turning 18 this coming November. I’m just a simple girl as I look at myself.Many say that I look like unaffable but this is absurd and I just laughed everytime they told me that.

I want everyone in my surrounding to smile, I hate seeing someone crying and so serious that it feels like they carried the whole world.I didn’t say that I don’t have burden but everytime I saw people laughing and smiling it makes me feel good.

I had a manner that some hates most and likes, and this is being naughty.It is my hobby to ask someone about a thing again and again though I’ve already know the answer to what I’m asking.

Not all people like me, I’m not a perfect person and I can commit mistakes, in my life I had committed a lot of mistakes but it serves as a guide to me to be a better person but I don’t need to changed myself to be like by others, except if someone told me I’m doing wrong.I just want to be happy for being me, and as they say when it comes to being happy there’s no right or wrong, its just a battle between your happiness and their judgement.But despite of being happy, behind my smile, there’s a tear hidden and trying not to come out but there are circumstances that it needs to out to avoid feel the hurt it brought and I’m thanking God for giving me friends to cover that.

So that’s me ! I hope you’ve noted all the things about me!

And don’t forget to smile to stay young and pretty like me, just kidding.But if you take it seriously ,much better. :))

Television Shows

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There’s a lot of television shows in the Philippines.Some shows were comedy,drama,horror,fantasy etc.All of this can catch the attention of the viewers especially when the viewers can do relate on the ongoing show. But not all shows are good for the youth because there’s still a shows that we called tabloid-broadcast journalism that according on the article I’ve  read is a programs that apply the “success formula” of tabloids—crime,sex and gossip broadcasting.That was not good for the child and youth  because they saw sex and violence that can maybe plant on their mind until they grow and have a knowledge abut that.

A study conducted by the Asian Mass Communications Research Center(AMIC) based in Singapore reported that the Philippines has the most violent television shows among ASEAN countries.This research was alarming from parents because though there’s a MTRCB who remind that the next show is good or not for a child and youth, watching television of a youth was not really 24 hours guarded by their guardian. So by that here’s a big possibilities that through watching television,big percent of youth people can affect their minds that can cause crimes and destruction of their life in a way that they applied what the saw or watch on the television in their life because they are curious.We all know that in teenage life, curiosity was very present in that time.

Television shows was good for mass if they used it in a good way,if they brought the viewers in a good world.Television is one of the way on transmitting and disseminating the trending events in the world,without it,what do you think we are?

Though it has a bad side,it it very useful that we had television and it is better if there’s a television shows that can entertained us when we are tired,inspired us when we want o give up and make us cried when we are emotional.

Mass Media

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“The Champion of the people and  conscience of the Government”.Do you know them ?They are the mass media.The are the one who transmitted and updated us by the different issues and trending event in a society.

Being part of it was not easy as what other know and say.The responsibility of finding information about the certain issue  was in their possession and they need to search the true happenings.They need to disseminate the information to mass very detailed to avoid conflict.

Mass media serves as the “fourth state” in government, why? In the article I’ve read said that they are the “fourth state” because of being independent to all things politically, financially and the other centers of power,That’s really because if all mass media would be dependent, the mass will not sure if the mass media are telling the truth that makes the public conscious.But not all mass media are free to show the truth like in the other country.

MASS MEDIA , MASS MEDIA… they can make one personality as shine as the star.How? Exaggerated to described but that’s true.They can make a personality famous by introducing him on the public like an invention that makes people amazed.Invention? Why invention? It is because they invented that person on what the mass desire.By them,we know the new invention on the showbiz world

They are like a bee…. They go where the honey is.What I wanted to say by that? The mass media go on what was they really concerned and they shared it to the mass.

It is true that being part of mass media was so dangerous.There’s a lot of big personalities who had an issued, and they did’nt the mass to know it.But because there’s a mass media, it was spread on the public so the personalities push to forcely close the mouth of the media by threaten or worst killed them.

In Maguindanao Massacre, there’s a lot of media people who were killed.It was so miserable and it makes people think what was really the reason behind that.In that happening  many people show their sympathy ,media people show their empathy but despite of it there’s still a mass media who still dissiminating  information to us.

Without mass media we are nothing but ignorant and still living in an unchanging world, there would be no modernization happened.

Importance Of AdvertisemenT

In an article that I’ve read Advertising defined as a  form of marketing communication used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience(viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to take or continue to take some action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering, although political and ideological advertising is also common.

Do you have radio and television in your houses? Of course you have , right? While listening radio, watching television there are times that comes in our my mind on how does a program or a station still continued their programs.That thing also gets my attention until I found the answer on how their programs and station survive. Do you know how? It is because of the commercials.Yes, COMMERCIALS,it makes a program still alive because of different advertisement on media.

Products that was advertise in media are the one who supports and sponsors the program.So as you observe, a good program which had a high rating have many commercials because different companies wanted their product to be expose by the mass by putting their products, be advertise to the program which had many viewers.

As you can see, Advertising was very important, not just because they introduce to public their products but because on different reasons like , they give life to the program and the management earned from them,If there’s no advertisement do you think we had an idea about the product that we bought in our everyday life? No right? that’s why advertising was so very important to be introduce by the mass for us to have an idea and knowledge about one product that we are using in our life.

A seconds of commercials cost hundred thousands, but how come that a company of products waste money for it? Is they really wasting their money ?Actually, the money they paid was really helpful for their products to promote and have a pay back when mass patronize it.

But the problem is how if the mass did’nt favour their products? It will never be happened because a businessman or a advertisers will never enter a game if they did’nt know it and in the end,ITS GAME OVER.Advertising affected almost all, so without it our life would be ignorance because we did’nt know how to use that particular matter.And it can be happened that there’s no programs who can make us laugh,cry,angry,annoyed, etc. because of inadequacy of sponsors that support them.Advertising-Definitionimagesfotolia_12555746_XS

Getting to Know Others (Importance Of Communication)

How are you going to know a person, if you’re not do communicating?

All of us had a friends and we get them because we do communicate with them.Communication is the most important thing to all.If it does’nt exist,do you think we know everything about your friends,special someone and even our family?not right?

In communicating, we can express our feelings,ideas and we can share everything to someone.In our everyday life, how many times we do communicate? It is very important right?

Even in our first birth we already communicating by just simply crying, we create noise that also create words though it can’t understand by an ear, it can be determine by gestures and words that created by that sound.As time goes by, we are growing and found different friends. To find and know them better, we must communicate. In my age now, I already had many friends because I do communicate with them and still a good communicator to them.

If we want to know others, then , lets ask them, let’s start knowing them by communicating and by a good communicator to all. But communicating will not always had a good part because there’s a person who used it without thinking what their saying.So other said that it’s better to keep silent than to talk much or saying any other words to someone.In order for us to have good contact to everyone, let’s think first the words coming out to our mouth and we must know how to say the words without offending someone.

Love comes not just because they just see each other once, of course they  tried to know everything about them. In family, your will never knew how kind of family you had if your not going to communicate with them even without words, through gestures you will know who they are.But the most important is, knowing God by communicating with him.

Here in Philippines there are different dialect, like Ilocano,Cebuano,Bicolano, etc. and yet we understand each other and we have unity. It is because we had general language and we do communicate to each other.

Imagine the world without communication? Do you think we can solve problems? Do you think we will know others? Do you think we can discover? Do you think we can share and express our feelings and told someone that we are happy ,angry and sad? NO ! Life was nothing if there’s no communication.